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Afrihost is a South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing a number of services, including ADSL broadband, fibre, fixed wireless, mobile services and web hosting.


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Kieran says

"Ive been trying to change my log in details for 2 weeks. Ive supplied ID, bank details and a new cell number to receive the OTP. Communication from the customer care people is sporadic and inaccurate. I joined Afrihost 10 years ago. Their customer service was brilliant. Clearly, as they've grown, they've given themselves permission to care less."

Kathi Nazar says

"Shocked at the treatment by afrihost. In my case not even capable of updating nameservers. I requested domain registry transfer and they just delete my support tickets as solution. Tried whatsapp and countless support tickets. We are suffering since 5 days for a task i can do myself within a second and a max propagation time of 8 hours with any other provider. Can not recommend them. Save yourself the pain"

James Ludbrook says

"They have sent a renewal via email and I do not even have my hosting account with them, totally fraud and how dare you send me a email saying that owe you money, no way"

Matt Gracie says

"I have been a dedicated customer to Afrihost for nearly 7 years. I have had mobile and internet packages with them, and recently tried to host with them. Generally, their service was great and I enjoyed using their clientzone to access my packages. However, their recent attitude and poor connectivity have placed them in the same league as MTN, Vodacom and Mweb, where client contempt is the order of the day. Their telephonic and WhatsApp customer service are non-existent, and their services constantly crash, leaving your subscriptions to lose days of service before they are working or reinstated after an error. Also, they recently updated their shared hosting panel to an extremely broken update to Interworx, which has left much of my work corrupted or lost: which possibly occurred during transfer. I will also note that this transfer was not disclosed to us, and several clients lost their work and email content in the process. More recently, a family member - who I recommended to Afrihost for fixed LTE - has been having issues getting her LTE package reinstated after a payment issue on Afrihost's client portal. It has been 5 days, and I have still been able to get a call back, a WhatsApp response or email acknowledgement. I would recommend pursuing an international service provider for hosting and domain registration, while going through Axxess (I know it's pretty much Afrihost, but their portal is way more stable) or a smaller ISP's portal to get resold LTE data or Fibre. Afrihost is extremely incompetent when it comes to customer service, and I cannot express how disappointed I am as a long term customer."

Peter says

"The worst hosting company I have ever used. And I have been a webdev for 20 years. Support is so incredibly bad, the service so unreliable, one starts to suspect this company was actually taken over by a troop of wild baboons when they were kicked out of Cape Point reserve a few years ago. Me: Customer doesnt have login details, could you please explain how to get those? Support: If you just log in and click on change password, you can change your password there. Me: That is great, but they dont have login details. Could you provide information on the procedure of getting a password reset? Support: Yes, no problem! It's easy, just log in to your account and click on 'change password'. Me: There is actually no way to log into the account. Please reset the account. Support: Sure, not a problem at all. Just log into your account, go to profile details and change your login information there. Me: ....there is no way to log into the account. Support: We are so sorry, we cannot change your password for you, please log in and change your password by clicking on the 'change password' link. Here is a youtube video on how to do that! Me: Sigh... Never mind. I am moving to Europe, cheers."

Verity Easton says

"This is not a rant - just a factual recount of my personal experience with Afrihost. A few weeks back my email account was suspended partly due to my fault (non-payment) & partly theirs (non-communication about a sudden mysterious amount of money that was suddenly due). I paid the money over 2 weeks ago but to date my email account has yet to be reactivated, despite numerous emails backwards & forwards between myself & Afrihost. It appears that those employed at Afrihost are either incapable of assisting OR simply don't want to. I've had the 'pleasure ' of dealing with at least 6 different members of staff at Afrihost, all equally as inefficient as the next. I've basically paid for a service I'm not receiving & while Afrihost have been happy to take my money, they're a little less happy to help. So for anyone considering signing up with them, I'd say that you should consider other options."

Hamzah Gani says

"over the last 12 months my fibre line (internet) has been down for 2 months. it is challenging to get a hold of afrihost and when you do, they take long to fix the problem (requires daily follow up) and they dont refund you for days down."